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All Platforms: Element Toggling (Ver 1.5) Make sure you're running Mozilla (M18 build, latest build preferably. Do not install on PR2! or M17) now, then click on the button. When the xpi file has installed, restart Mozilla:

Once Mozilla has restarted, you will have 4 new options under the View -> Dino menu...have fun

Zip files are no longer being provided, since Dino 1.5 and higher use dynamic overlays, which require xpi files to install properly.

Contributors: Ryan (Initial Javascript)
Rann (XUL, generic JS code and dynamic overlays)

All Platforms: Add Dinopad sidebar Add Dinopad to my sidebar
Dinopad is a little notepad you can use to jot down notes as you surf using Mozilla
Contributor: Alex

All Platforms: Add Bugzilla sidebar Add Bugzilla to my sidebar
This will show the main Bugzilla page as a tab in your sidebar
Contributor: Alex

All Platforms: Add Bonsai sidebar Add Bonsaibar to my sidebar
This will show some of the main information from Bonsai as a tab in your sidebar.
Contributor: Alex

All Platforms: Add Links sidebar Two steps here: click here to install the links panel, and here to put it in your sidebar tabs. You will need to restart the browser.
Links homepage
Contributor: Eric

Unfortunately, due to cicumstances beyond our control, you will have to reinstall the Dino! code and the links sidebar if you get a new nightly build or reinstall Mozilla, but the other sidebars will stay unless you remove your profile.

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