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Name and Position in Dino! Email Address
IRC Nick
Rann Bar-On, Chief Project Coordinator, Cofounder Termite
fig\tree, HCI Advocate, Coder and Cofounder fig\tree
Ryan "Hacker 'n Slacker" Cassin, Chief Coder and Cofounder Hurricane
Peter Nelson, Chief Tester, Cofounder and XPI guy Rufus
Alvaro Munoz, Tester Alvaro
David Krause, Quality Assurance Master_D
Exotrip, CSS helper Exotrip
Alex Converse, Coder Alex
Zach Lipton, Tester and Server Operations Zach

James 'MozOffice' Russell, Advisor, Vaporware Expert Kovu

The dino project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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