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Want to Install Dino?

Dino! (pronouced dino!) is a web browser based on Mozilla with extra attention paid to its usability for the masses. We are concerned that the current Mozilla developers are ignoring the usability aspect of the browser. Initially, we will pursue usability issues, such as bookmark access and toolbar sizing. After this is done, we will continue to work towards totally user-friendly, 100% customisation of the Mozilla browser

This project was first conceived on the #mozillazine channel on It was born out of an argument over the placement of the bookmarks menu and quickly evolved in ideas and support. Come join us on irc for more details, and watch this space for new developments.

To get added to the Dino! mailing list, send an email to with subscribe dino *name* in the body. eg: subscribe dino termite

If you feel you have anything to contribute to this project, either in terms of coding or in terms of UI/HCI advice, please feel free to drop any of us a note, sign up to the dino mailing list, or just join us on #dino on We appreciate any contribution, however small, as long as it keeps with the general positive spirit of the project.

The dino project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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